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September 25, 2012
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Hey, hey, will you listen a sad little story?

Of a little hawk who wanted to love a god.

  He soared across the sky, always looking for someone to love him. He found many friends, he found many enemies, but he only found one love. It was a little Russian girl with fire red hair. He flew down to her many times, and she would chase him playfully. She would always bring food to the hawk, and he would always bring her flowers in return.

  They were good friends until one day, another hawk began to visit the girl. The black hawk would bring her more flowers than the little hawk could. He would stay with her longer than the little hawk could. The little hawk would still visit with the girl but would be left behind by the black hawk and the girl. The little hawk felt very sad, and flew away. Tears were in the hawk's eyes as he perched himself onto a branch by the girl's father's field.

  As the hawk wiped the tears from his eyes, he saw the black hawk stealing food from the field. But before the black hawk could steal anymore food, the girl's father came out with a gun. The black hawk was able to fly away before her father noticed him and left with the food. The father looked for any bird who would steal his food, and he saw the little hawk instead. He shot the poor little hawk in the wing and the hawk fell to the ground.
There he laid, alone and weak. He could hear the girl's father say,

  "Stay away from hawks." And the little hawk knew, even if he could survive, he could never see the one he loved so very, very much. So he laid there, crying even more than he did before. Until he felt the soft touch of someone wiping the tears away. The hawk looked up at the person and saw a very tall man with hair as black as the other hawk. He smiled and picked up the sad little hawk gently then asked,

  "Why do you cry little hawk?" The sad little hawk merely whimpered. "Is it because of your little wing? Or is it because of your little heart?" The little hawk wanted to answer the man, but couldn't. He wanted to say that it was both, and he needed a shoulder to rest his head on. But the man could tell without words, and brought the little hawk to his small home by the mountains. The man wrapped the tiny wing and let the hawk stay with him.

  A month had come and gone and the little hawk could fly once again. Even though he could soar to the tip of the highest mountain, he stayed with the man in his home.

  "Little hawk, you can fly away now, yet you stay with me. Why?" asked the man with desperation in his voice. The hawk wanted to answer him, but he could not, no matter how hard he tried. He wanted to tell the man that he was happy with him. Happier than with his family, with his friends, or with the girl. That no matter what, he didn't want to leave. He moved close to the man and laid his head down on his arm and the man knew, the little hawk had so much to tell him, but he couldn't. The man sighed and placed his finger on the little hawk's small beak.

  "Speak little hawk." Asked the man quietly. The little hawk knew that it would not work. That nothing but a slight screech would come out. But he tired anyway. Slowly he opened his beak and heard himself saying,

  "I love you, and I want to stay." The bird was shocked, but the man was smiling. No sign of shock anywhere, just the same warm smile he saw the day they met. The man kissed the little hawk gently and felt warmth all over his body.

  "I will outlive a normal hawk," said the man. ", and because you want to stay with me, you need to be immortal as I am." The hawk could not believe what he was hearing and said,

  "I-Immortal?" The man smiled again and said,

  "Yes. I am a god. And I want you to live with me." The hawk could not speak any more, for the spell had worn off, so he perched himself onto the man's shoulder, telling him that he will be at the god's side forever. Another month went by, and the hawk had grown even more attached to the god. From morning to night, they would spend each second together. But their peace would not last forever. Sadly the little hawk did not know the god's tragic past. The reason why a god would be on earth is a place to hide. The god had killed another one of his kind, and ran away to hide from those who would want his head.

  One night, as the god was sleeping, the little hawk heard men outside of the home. He flew to the window and saw that these were no mere men as he had thought. They were gods. They all were tall and muscular, and dressed in fine silks and furs. Golden helmets with wings on the sides, just as the little hawk's god described. They were wielding axes and spears with angry faces. The little hawk flew to the god's side to wake him up, but he was too late. The other gods broke down the door easily, and made their way to the black haired god. The little hawk wanted to protect him, so he lunged at the gods, aiming for the blue eyes of the strongest looking one. But it was all in vain. The god swiftly smacked the hawk from him like a fly. The hawk hit the other side of the house and watched the gods commit unspeakable things to his god.

  By the morning, the gods had left with the little hawk's god. They had taken him some were no hawk could reach. But the little hawk could not believe it. He would not allow himself to believe that his god would not be by his side. So he flew as far as he could. Up to the clouds, trying to reach his god. Each day, he would fly as high as he could, higher and higher each day. And each time he finds himself stopping, tears begin to fall, but he does nothing to wipe them away. He just falls, waiting for his black haired god to wipe them away with a smile.
Sorry if I confused you with anything, but this is supposed to be a fairy tale like story between Hawkeye (the little hawk) and Loki (the black haired god)

Their's gonna be more of this, but I'm putting it on my because I don't wanna spam you guys with it. Most of it is just experiments with the way I write.

But I would like to hear your opinion on this writing style. It was fun to do, but I wanna know if you guys like it enough to hear more of it. ^^

Hawkeye and Loki belongs to MARVEL
Story belongs to me~
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This is amazing.  Just like they'd write/say the legends of old!
may1325 Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icononionpanicplz: Really!?
:icononionroseplz: Thank you so much because I honestly hate how this came out now that I'm looking at it again
:icongreatjobplz: But as long as you like it that's fine by me!
slimjim319 Oct 2, 2012  Student General Artist
oh my gosh!!! no please spam us with it!!!!
may1325 Oct 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
B-But, it's just practice stuff *^*
slimjim319 Oct 3, 2012  Student General Artist
I don't care!! you shall spam us your King Loki commands it!!
may1325 Oct 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;^; O-Okay then...
JakIIFan Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist
SO MANY FEELS. oh my god, poor hawk. I'll wipe them away!
I love love this so much =D
such feels
may1325 Sep 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aww, thank you~ ^^
is there going to be more perhaps?
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